I recently received my 2017 NSX here in California from the D&M Team. I wanted to just call out the incredible service, care and attention to detail of the team I worked with. Kevin, Angie, Mike and Mitchell and the entire team were AWESOME at every step. The car was immaculate and it is clear they only sell the cleanest/quality cars available. 5+++ star review and I will definitely reach out to them next time I am looking for a super sports car. Awesome team, super friendly and customer care and attitude second to none! Great people and business - Buy from them and you will be glad! Could not be happier!

Ted, California
2017 Acura NSX

Just took delivery of my 2007 Corvette last night (only took 2 days from Illinois to Texas!) and I must say that I am incredibly pleased! The Vette in person looks just as good in person as it did in all the photos. Considering its almost 14 years old, I am amazed as to how it looks almost showroom new in every regard. The entire purchase process was incredibly smooth and professional Angie was extremely courteous and helpful every step of the way. Ive pretty much have always had good luck buying vehicles online over the last 20 years, but this purchase stands out as one of, if not the best. This is my 14th Corvette, and definitely the nicest one yet. Thanks again!

Stephen, Texas
2007 Corvette Convertible

With over 40 years of buying motor vehicles this was by far one of the best experiences I've had. The staff was always helpful and patient with all my questions. I initially accessed the manufacturer's website and expressed interest in the T-Rex 16SP. Within a day or two Angie reached out to me. We exchanged emails and phone calls over the next couple of weeks. Angie was always professional, courteous and friendly. She identified various service shops near where I live before I purchased the vehicle. Once they shipped the vehicle to my residence they were always available to answer my questions as I got acquainted with the bike.

Raouf, New Jersey
2020 Campagna T-Rex

This was my first corvette that I purchased from D&M Motorsports, a beautiful black 2010 convertible Corvette. Angie was totally awesome to work with. I agree with the other reviews that it would be hard to find a more genuine and nicer lady. Mike worked well with Angie as the other reviews mentioned, on trading in my Corvette. They gave me a fair deal on my trade and the process was so smooth, within a short period of time I was on my way with my new corvette. I really wanted to have a AUX capable radio and they helped me do a complicated newer model swap of the radio so I could keep everything factory with HUD but also have what I wanted. I cannot say enough good things about Angie. If I could buy every car from D&M Motorsports I would. The experience was not at all like the typical dealership who is just looking to move cars. D&M cares about your business and it was a very pleasant experience. I am glad that now I have my corvette dealer for life :)

Jennifer, Illinois
2010 Corvette Convertible

This will be my 3rd Corvette that my wife and I have purchased from D&M Motorsports. Angie was just awesome to work with on each and every vehicle purchase. It would be hard to find a more genuine and nicer lady I might add. Mike worked well with Angie on trading in my previously purchased Corvette from D&M and making my new purchase with them go very smooth. Kevin is the finance guru and is very good at his profession. They are a great team. Great business. Thank you.

Tom & Shelli, Wisconsin
2006 Corvette Coupe
2015 Corvette Coupe
2016 Corvette Z06

Hello Angie,

I appreciate all you and the team at D & M did during the purchase and delivery of my car. One of the best buying experiences I have ever had. You and the crew at D and M are outstanding! I Love the car, and it arrived in perfect shape and the service was top notch. I look forward to working with you all again. Thanks Again.

Tim, Georgia
2000 Plymouth Prowler

I purchased a 2019 Corvette Z06 from them in late 2019. It has been a few months i have had the car and the car has been nothing but perfect. I have had no issues with the vehicle and its been an absolutely great car. Their customer service was fantastic and professional. Angie made everything simple and easy for me. I highly recommend this dealership, quality cars and people. Thanks D&M!

Kyle, Ohio
2019 Corvette Z06

We had a fantastic experience with D&M Motorsports in purchasing our 2017 Porsche 911 Carrera. What makes this engagement special is that We're in Houston and the dealership is just outside of Chicago, IL and we worked with Angie over the phone to set everything up. I'm a very particular car buyer and this car was exactly what I was looking for. excellent condition, low-mileage car. Angie provided all of the information that I needed and, after watching the car for 2 months online, my wife and I paid a visit while on a business trip and signed the paperwork with Finance Manager, Kevin, after some discussion and a test drive. Very honest and accomodating group of folks at D&M. Friends in TX that are in the auto business even spoke highly of them. Kevin and Angie helped us with paperwork and covered transport to TX and this original TX 911 is back home! Thank you very much!

Rino, Texas
2017 Porsche 911

Recently bought a car from D & M Motorsports and had a very good experience. Angie and Kevin were a pleasure to deal with. I sent an inspector to check the car as I couldn't get up there. They were very helpful and allowed the inspector to use their facilities and take it for a test ride. After discussions I decided to purchase and Angie arranged enclosed shipping to get the car to Florida cheaper that I could get open shipping. Everything went smoothly and I am very happy with the car! It is tough to buy a car from a distance but they were very helpful and made it an easy process.

Ken, Florida
1991 Mustang GT Convertible

Kevin & Angie - just leaving a note that I am very happy with my experience with D & M and both of you - I found and bought a highly desirable 30 year old car (after seeing a lot of junk in the market) without a visit - I trusted your direction (including advising me to get a 3rd party inspection) - I received the car and the title and am thrilled - the car is beautiful - thank you for the consistent communication, transparency and honesty.

Brian, Michigan
1988 Porsche 944

Angie: The Vette is Gorgeous!!! I am more than satisfied. I'm ecstatic!!! Thanks for making this one of the happiest days of my life.

Tony, Louisiana
2004 Corvette Convertible

Dealing with Angie at D & M has been an honest, professional and an overall pleasurable experience. Not only was she courteous, she assisted with and expedited every detail, including the enclosed transportation to NY for me. I have bought cars from all over the country and I must say that D & M has provided the best overall experience from start to finish, not the least of which was delivering to me a pristine 2004 Dodge SRT10 exactly how it was described. I look forward to buying more vehicles from Angie at D & M!

Dom, New York
2004 Dodge Ram SRT-10

I can not say enough about Angie and her team at D&M Motorsports! This is a wonderful, family owned business who CARES about providing you with the right vehicle for your needs. They sold me a vintage corvette in near showroom new condition. Not only did they make sure the car was in excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition- Angie personally delivered it to my home. In today's day and age- it is IMPOSSIBLE to find service like this! I highly recommend D&M Motorsports- they now have a customer for LIFE! Thanks again Angie!!!!

Matt, Illinois
1985 Corvette Coupe

I don't usually buy from a dealer since AZ does not charge any tax on private car sales, but the car I bought from D&M was just too nice to pass up. Under 15K miles and the cleanest used Vette I"ve ever bought (this is #17). Couldn't be happier. The staff at D&M, especially Angie were a joy to work with. Excellent communication and you could tell they really cared about your experience. Kevin was also great. Didn't hesitate to take the car to the local Chevy dealer and have a PPI. Icing on the cake was a brokered super price on shipping. Bought a lot of cars over the years and I can honestly say this was one of, if not the best, dealer experience I have had. Would buy from them again in a heartbeat. They don't have the cheapest prices around but when it comes to used sports cars, you get what you pay for.

Greg, Arizona
1996 Collector's Edition Corvette Coupe LT4

As a long term customer of seventeen years, and over a dozen vehicles purchased from D&M Motorsports for both myself, my wife and my two children I felt compelled to share my tremendous experiences with those considering an upcoming vehicle purchase. The whole crew at D&M are truly top notch. Mike Colandos honesty and integrity has earned my loyalty and each and every vehicle purchased has exceeded my expectations. I have referred countless family members, friends, and coworkers to Mike, Angie, and Kevin at D&M and I will continue to do the same. If you are looking for a truly wonderful and personalized experience when it comes to buying a car, D&M Motorsports is the dealership I recommended.

Mike, Illinois
15+ Cars 

Bought a 2016 GT-R from Mike. Mike was very straight forward, honest, super knowledgeable and helpful. The car is perfect and so was all the help and service. Angie and Kevin were terrific as well. I highly recommend them.

Jim, Illinois
2016 GT-R

In June 2015 I found a 2004 Corvette Convertible on the D&M website. I called spoke with Angie she was so helpful and seemed so sincere. I bought the car and Angie arranged the shipping. When the car got here it was better than she described. Last month Jan 2018 I decided I wanted a white Grand Sport. I looked on the website and D&M had one. I called and spoke with Angie and we negotiated a trade. Angie handled the shipping on both cars. When it was delivered it was better than described. Several of my friends said this car was as clean as any new car they have bought. If you are looking for a used Corvette you can't find one any better. Thanks Angie again for all you did.

Kenny, North Carolina
2004 Corvette Convertible & 2011 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe

This is a family business and they make you feel like family too. Kevin, Michael and Angie were all involved and made my buying experience better than I could have imagined. I found them to be honest and very down to earth. I would highly recommend D& M Motorsports to anyone. Thank you!

Jack, Wisconsin
2015 Tesla Model S

I was some what nervous about buying a car sight unseen, even though,D & M provided many close up pictures, at many different angles of the Corvette, that I was looking at. I appreciated that. I am a detailed person, and will not buy a car with dents, or dings. After talking to Kevin, and Angie, a few times, they assured me that the car was MINT condition. I took a chance and ordered the 2014 Vett. They delivered, as promised. The car is immaculate. The whole buying process was very easy, and very professional. They even arranged a transport carrier, to deliver the car to me in Florida, at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend this dealership, and would buy from them again, as they specialize, in very low mileage cars, in only Excellent condition.

Gary & Patricia, Florida
2014 Corvette Convertible

Like everyone else I was hesitant to buy a car without actually kicking the tires. D&M's site has the vehicle pictured from every possible angle so you know what you're getting. More importantly the staff is great to work with, I never felt pressured and Kevin and Angie worked their magic to make sure the car I wanted fit within the budget I was looking to spend. After the deal, the shipping was handled very professionally, Angie even had their detailer wipe the car down in the trailer because it was raining when it was loaded. If you are in the market for super low mileage muscle or sports cars you have found the right place. Wouldn't hesitate to purchase another car from D&M, if I could find a way to get it in the garage.

Denver, Ohio
2013 Roush Mustang

I reached out to D&M Motorsport inquiring about the 2013 Tesla Model S P85 that they had listed. Most of the communication was over email and a few phone calls. I received the requested information not only expeditiously, but also in a very detailed manner. I spent most of my time conversing with Angie, who met all of my pre-purchase requests. The purchase process went very smoothly even with Angie picking my father-in-law and I up at the airport. As for the vehicle itself, it was everything that they advertised and more. I made mention of having the vehicle coated with the Modesta product and Angie recommended the detail shop that's located right behind the dealership. The work the detail shop did was great as well. If your in the market for a new vehicle, I would highly recommend D&M Motorsports!

Jeff, Colorado
2013 Tesla Model S

After unsuccessfully trying to sell my 2007 Corvette myself, I started looking for dealerships that specialized in Corvettes while at the same time having the car I desired (2016 VW Golf R). It was difficult to give up my Corvette, but I needed a daily driver that was still fun to drive and a car that I could drive year round (including snow) in Omaha. The Golf R more than fits that bill. I ran across an advertisement for D&M Motorsports on-line while searching for Golf R's on www.cars.com. D&M Motorsports had the exact car I wanted with all the "right" options and also had many Corvettes in their inventory. I figured this was the perfect place. However, I was more than a bit apprehensive about completing a transaction with an unknown (to me) dealer located 500 miles away. After a few days of thinking this over and researching previous positive reviews from D&M customers, I contacted D&M back and we quickly completed the negotiations on the trade difference, A couple days later I set out on the drive to Chicago.

D&M helped me by suggesting a good hotel located within a mile of their location. When I arrived the next morning to check out the Golf R, everything was as-promised. The Golf R was detailed to perfection and all the paperwork (including original sticker) was organized. Michael looked over my Corvette while I inspected the Golf R. There were no unwelcome surprises and D&M kept their promise on the trade value. I worked primarily with Angie on the transaction and she was super organized, very friendly, and ensured that I was comfortable with the entire process. Never in the process did I feel pressure from any D&M staff members. I was in and out of D&M Motorsports within 45 minutes. It could have been 20 minutes, but I wanted to check out the showroom before leaving. Almost had to think about getting the white Dodge Hellcat on the showroom floor too! Overall, a great experience and I highly recommend D&M Motorsports to anyone!

Rob, Nebraska
2016 VW Golf R

I've purchased a large number of new and used cars over the years from dealerships throughout the country. I've lost count on the number I've purchased from D&M Motorsports. What is always significant is the people at D&M, the quality of their vehicles and most important the ease of purchasing one of their cars. They have become good friends.

Les, Illinois
2008 Corvette Z06


After reading several of the testimonials on your website I dont know if I can add anything that hasnt already been stated. You answered all my questions and assured me that the 08 C6 would be better than the pictures shown and those pictures on your site were fantastic and when the car arrived your statement couldnt have been truer. Im accustomed to going to dealerships to select vehicles to purchase but was unable to find anything within reasonable driving distance. After looking for a year (It took this long) I found this Vette on Ebay with every option I was looking for plus very low miles. This cars fit and finish just Screamed New! Ive owned several muscle cars but this is my first Corvette and it brings out my inner boy like no other vehicle before. I would trust D&M Motorsports to find the best of the best motorcars available. Thank you for a delightful buying experience.

Garvin, Alabama

2008 Corvette Convertible

Good Evening Angie,

I wanted to let you know our Grand Sport arrived earlier today and you were right.......it looked even better in person. The car was in even better detailed condition than most vehicles I have purchased brand new. I want to thank you for all your great assistance with our purchase. D & M made the out of state purchase process simple and stress free beginning from your outstanding communication throughout the entire purchase process to your arranging the shipping of our car right to our front door! I will definitely recommend D & M to anyone looking to purchase low mileage pristine condition cars! Thank you again for a great corvette buying experience!

Chuck & Brenda, Washington
2012 Corvette Grand Sport Convertible

I searched the internet for months looking to upgrade my 2000 Corvette. I knew the color I wanted (Jetstream Blue) was hard to find, and luckily I found a 2011 at D & M Motorsports, 320 miles away from my home. My anxiety was put to rest with the dealilngs with Angie and Kevin. I could not have been happier with every aspect of the transaction, especially the efficiency with which they operated. I was back on the road within 3 hours of the time they opened up in the morning and we began the process. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Matthew, Michigan
2011 Corvette Coupe

Hi Angie and Mike, I just wanted to let you know you how pleased I am with my "new" 2005. You have a knack for finding outstanding low-mileage Corvettes and your world class detailer makes them look like new. I also appreciate the service you had performed and the new tires you had installed. Your price was reasonable. My second purchase from you and I couldn't be happier. Thanks again.

Kevin, Illinois
2005 Corvette Convertible

I've never sent a testamonial, but felt compelled to send this one. My wife and I arrived at D&M's showroom 10 minutes before closing on a Saturday. Both Kevin and Mike made us feel welcome and told us to take our time and joked that they would be happy to order a pizza if we stayed late. They showed us several C6s, answered all of our questions and pulled the one we were interested in out so we could have a better look. I had driven my truck, so I showed Mike a couple of pictures of my 2001 C5 and he asked me what I thought it was worth. I gave him a range and he offerred the me the mid-point of my range and came down a little on his asking price. He then offerred to let us take the C6 that night if we wanted. I asked him to put the deal in writing and told him we'd think about it and get back to him Monday. I called Monday and accepted the deal and Mike himself delivered the C6 via trailer and and picked up our C5. He had all the paperwork ready and the entire delivery took about 20 minutes. This is my eleventh Corvette and I have to say this was by far the easiest, friendliest transaction I have have ever completed. The toughest part was picking one from their immaculate low mileage inventory. I'm sure I haven't found my last Corvette, but I've found my last dealer.

Steve & Linda, Illinois
2008 Corvette Coupe

Dear Mike, Angie and Kevin,

We would like to thank all of you for the wonderful experience we have had with you in the purchase of our 'new' 2010 Z06 Corvette!! You were patient with us and all of our questions and concerns that this car was truly what you said it was. We are VERY picky and Mike said he is even pickier. We believe Joe has met his match. We have never purchased anything sight unseen, especially a vehicle. This car was everything you said it was. We were not disappointed. All of you could not have been nicer or more professional. It gives us a very good feeling that there are still good, honest people out there. We have dealt with car dealers in the past, that is why we were a little skeptical when you said how great this car was. You were all honest with us from the beginning and did all you could to help us with whatever we needed. We would love your potential customers to know that they can believe in all of you and walk away with a good feeling!

Thanks again for everything. We will truly enjoy this car. Everyone that has seen it LOVES it!!

Joe & Theresa, Florida
2010 Corvette Z06

I sold my 98 Corvette convertible. Started looking for another C5. I wanted either a white or yellow convertible with low miles. Couldn't find one locally so I looked on the internet. I found what I wanted at D&M Motorsports. I called and spoke with Angie. I have always bought cars after I drove it at least 2 times. Angie assured me my 04 was exactly how it was described. If it wasn't I could return it when it was delivered. Angie lined up the shipping and when it was delivered it was better than I expected. Angie just seemed so honest I took a big chance and so glad I did.  

Kenny, North Carolina
2004 Corvette Convertible

At the age of 55 decided it was time to purchase the car of my dreams. I had searched locally with no luck therefore I extended my search to the internet. I was very hesitant to purchase a car over the internet. I called Angie asked questions regarding their 2004 Corvette listed on their site. I immediately felt at ease, this is not your ordinary car lot no pushy salesperson or vehicles you would have to question. She answered all my questions in a most professional way and spoke with respect. Unlike other sites they offered many pictures of the Corvette not just two or three but enough you could see it from every angle. Never in my life would I think that I would buy a Corvette sight unseen (other than pictures). But I did!

To take delivery I purchased a one way train ticket to Chicago, Angie went above and beyond by picking us up at the Central Station minutes after our arrival took us to D & M Motorsport where I finally seen in person the most beautiful 2004 Corvette that I had already paid for. She had told me it was a beautiful car and that I would not be disappointed. She was absolutely correct. I don't feel I could recommend purchasing from all dealers over the internet but your investment is safe with D & M Motorsport. I would recommend D & M Motorsport to anyone looking for that special dream car. I am so glad I took this leap of faith!

Sandy, Illinois
2004 Corvette Coupe

Currently working and living in Singapore with intentions to move back to Florida in SEP15. I desired a daily driver Corvette so I ended up buying a 96 Polo Green Vette with 20K miles on it from D&M Motorsports. I was a little hesitant to buy this car unseen and through email, but the reviews on D&M gave me solace to go ahead. I purchased the car through wire transfer (Professional), asked D&M to hold it for a month so delivery could occur while visiting Florida (Personable), D&M arranged to have the Vette shipped to arrive at my place of stay in Florida the morning after I arrived (Proficient). The Vette showed up at my place of stay at 10AM in absolutely beautiful condition, looked like it came right off the showroom floor. The title and bill of sale showed up via UPS at 1045AM and I had the Vette registered/tagged in the state of Florida by noon.

My wife of 39 years was apprehensive with this whole process, but by the time we had 100 miles on the Vette she had already told me at least three times how much she liked my car and how impressed she was how smooth the process went. So much so in fact she has asked me to work with D&M to locate her SUV for when we return for good in a couple of months. Needless to say I was very pleased with this whole transaction.

Jim, Singapore
1995 Corvette Coupe

We purchased our 2006 GTO thanks to D&M's ability to locate such a rare and immaculate car and Angie's awesome customer service in handling every detail involved to take it from dream to reality. Angie, was able to answer every question, handled all the paperwork and arranged for shipment out-of-state in a professional and ALWAYS courteous manner. The customer service we received far exceeded our expectations, and it was obvious Angie's focus was to not only take care of business but to treat customers the way she would want herself or her family members to be treated. Kevin, who handled the financing from out of state, was wonderful to work with as well. The car was exactly as it was described and pictured. We would highly recommend D&M Motorsports to others!

Don & Brenda, Florida
2006 Pontiac GTO

D & M made the process of buying and shipping my vehicle easier than I ever could have imagined. They answered all my questions promptly, before, during, and after the purchase. I would buy from D & M again, and recommend them to anyone looking for a specialty car.

Ted, Washington D.C.
2011 Lotus Evora

Hi Angie, I just want to thank you all for the outstanding customer service you provided in the purchase of my Prowler. And all the help you and your colleague's have provided in the straight forward purchase of the vehicle. With any request I had dealt with immediately with a response. All the best in the future and a very Merry Xmas and a happy New Year to you all.

Garry, United Kingdom
2000 Plymouth Prowler

I was nervous to purchase a car over the internet. In the end, this was a truly a great experience! The car exceeded my expectations and Angie was first class to work with! Will use this company again in the future.

G.R., Virginia
1993 Corvette Anniversary Coupe

To the Colando Family, Michael, Angie, Kevin in finance and Dave thanks again for helping me above and beyond in purchasing a 2002 Corvette coupe. This is the 4th corvette in 9 years that I have purchased dating back to Michael Colando Sr who was a class act. I will always recommend your dealership to all interested in beautiful, sharp sport cars of their dreams. I have to say this last sale you guys went beyond and above to take care of everything I needed.

Best always your good friend John Conenna...President Venus Travel in Chicago

John, Chicago
2002 Corvette Coupe

I believe that "trust" is key when it comes to buying car especially in the case of purchasing a car remotely. The only thing that I had to go on were provided pics over the web and a friendly voice on the other end of the line. But I assure you in a world of small shifty dealerships these guys are NOT THAT! I trust them (which is something that I never thought that I would say about a car dealer). The 2005 lotus that they sold me looks the same if not better sitting in my garage as they did in the pictures. The car runs great and is mint! It is one the finest examples of a low mile Elise that I had come across. They welcome 3rd party inspections and in that case as well the car passed with a perfect score. In short if you are going to "trust" someone with a purchase of a exotic car these are your "go to" guys.

Dave and Angie were super professional. I asked for a lot and they were not only able but excited to help. That was another interesting point: they really love what they do and it shows!

George, New Jersey
2005 Lotus Elise

It is not my custom to do reviews since I have very little faith in the whole review process. Either you're so mad at the product or the seller you write a scathing report or you're so enthralled 2 days after you buy you gush with enthusiasm. No one seems to take the time to evaluate and come to a proper review to help the people looking for information. So I hope my words will be of value for a potential customer. I started looking for a Corvette in October of 2013 all over the Midwest and D & M Motorsports was just one of the dealers I pestered for 4 months, in those months I met with Angie and Dave checking out the cars I previously viewed and all their new arrivals. At no time was I pressured to purchase and every meeting was cordial and all my questions were answered no matter how long it took. In February they got in the car I wanted and I made an offer they agreed too and with the contingency I could have the car checked out. Not only did they agree to my terms they even stored the car for a month till the weather broke and at no charge. The whole experience was 1st class and I was never treated better by a dealer new or used. I believe you have to remember you are dealing with used cars and anything can happen, which is not necessarily the fault of the seller. From the vehicles I looked at D & M all were in excellent shape and quality. The detailing of each car is outstanding and if you view the website and see the pictures you will see what I mean. I have been driving the car for over two months and again I am happy with my purchase and experience; please do your due-diligence and I think you will have the same results.

Frank, Illinois
2007 Corvette Convertible


Thanks to you and Mike for trusting me to do business in this manner. That means a lot to me. I enjoyed working with you both and although I will miss my '01 after almost 10 years, I know I will enjoy the '04. It is a real beauty. It was also nice to see smiles from Carol when I got home and she saw the car. Thanks again.

Dick, Illinois
2004 Corvette Convertible

This was the easiest transaction I have ever completed. I saw a vehicle online that sparked some interest and eventually I sent an inquiry over to D&M. From that moment, Angie and the rest of D & M took care of me like I was family. Angie and the staff were more than generous with their time giving me more information than requested. Also, the quality of the vehicles they have in stock are beyond belief. The vehicle I purchased was the cleanest used vehicle I have ever seen! Beyond appearance was the fact that the cars history not only checked out but, was as clean as the vehicle itself. Everything about this experience was top notch and I would recommend D & M to anyone looking for a car. The staff is courteous and eager to help you make buying a car as easy as possible. I would suggest you check out D & M if you want high quality from an extremely knowledgeable and friendly dealer.

Chris, Chicago
2006 Maserati

I have purchased cars online previously, but no other dealer achieved the professionalism, courtesy, or value that D & M Motorsports provided. They were very knowledgeable of the vehicles they were selling, they provided quality service in terms of the needed paperwork for my loan documents, and they assisted in setting up the transportation. They are well organized and focused on customer service - they were quick to return my phone calls and willing to assist through the entire selection and purchasing process. In addition, the value of the vehicle I purchased was second to none. The Porsche 911 arrived without issue and actually exceeded my expectations. I was referred to D & M Motorsport by my boss who said "they were the best" if I was looking for a high performance vehicle, He was right! Dave and Angie are a great team. Thanks!!

Phil, Virginia
2000 Porsche 911

My name is George W, I'm 65 years old, and always had a yearning for a corvette. I started looking at web sites just to see what was out there and came across D & M. The photos and detailed description of each car is outstanding and gives you a feel for the vehicle. I was a total novice and didn't have a clue what to look for or what questions to ask. I spoke with Angie and she was very helpful in explaining the different models and options. I pretty much zeroed in on one car, thought about it for a couple of days and called her back and ordered it. Everything was professionally handled over the phone or internet. The car had to be transported 600 miles, the first transporter didn't have the proper equipment, so D&M refused to load my car and arranged for a second transporter. The car arrived on a Sunday and Angie called to make sure everything was as expected and that I was totally satisfied. I couldn't be happier, the whole experience with D&M was pleasant and professional.

George, Tennesse
2008 Corvette Coupe

I want you to know how much I enjoyed doing business with you, and how impressed I am with your business. I am a car and motorcycle enthusiast, and I was in heaven in your showroom and warehouse. You're lucky I don't live there, because I would be loitering there all the time. I was looking specifically for this car, but never dreamed I would find a brand new one. I am very OCD about my vehicles, and I am so happy with this one. It is truly more than I expected. I haven't found a flaw on it, and when I clean one, if there is a flaw I see it. Rest assured, if I ever purchase another one I will look to you first, or know of anyone in the market, I will highly recommend you.

Larry, Tennessee
2003 Corvette Z06

I worked with Angie on the purchase of my 2011 corvette gs and I have to say I was completely blown away with how friendly and helpful she was, she made me feel like we've been knowing each other for a long time and she made my car buying experience the smoothest I've ever had they even paid for my trade to be shipped to them to help keep down the cost and when my corvette arrived I was in total shock with how beautiful the car was, I had never purchased a car from another state before but Angie made my experience a great one and I would definitely go back to them in the future. My name is Clinton and if you ask me D&M Motorsports gets an A from me thanks again Angie.

Clinton, Ohio
2011 Corvette Grand Sport

Angie at D&M is amazing to work with! She is very professional and answered all my questions/concerns promptly. I would recommend dealing with her, and wouldn't hesitate to deal with her on future purchases. She gave me a fair price, and sent the paperwork asap. She also handled the shipping of my vehicle and it arrived in pristine condition! She is a professional and great at what she does!

Joe, Minnesota
2002 Dodge Viper RT/10

My name is Jim Jamrus and I have been collecting cars for over 46 years. During that time I have had over 12 Corvettes and during the last 3 years I have been collecting High end classic cars. After working on a friends Corvette I got the bug to get another Corvette.I went to the internet site of D&M Motorsports . Their site has all High Def photos that are taken by a professional photographer and I found a pristine 1993 40th Anniversary Corvette with only 1,300 documented miles.I went up to D&M and Dave handled the sale. We settled on a price and I purchased the car that day. Because of the low miles on the car Dave arranged with Mike to deliver the car in an enclosed trailer to my home. Mike is the president & owner of D&M yet he took the time to deliver the car himself.In 67 years I have never taken the time to write a review on anyone,But D&M is truly special. Kevin & Angie were also fun to talk with and my entire experience was like hanging out with good friends.I went back to pick up my plates and ended up buying a 2001 Vette. The truly unusual part of this deal was Mike took my pristine 1940 Chevy coupe in on trade. D&M is a High end sports car and Corvette dealer yet he took an antique car in on trade just to close the deal. I have been back several times just to wander their fantastic show room because every week they get in four or five different cars.Don't take my word for it check out their great website and if you are in the Chicago area stop in and meet them. D&M stands for "Devoted Management."

Jim, Illinois
1993 Corvette Convertible & 2001 Corvette Coupe

Hi, I'm Jose from Miami and I recommend D&M Motorsports with my eyes closed, specially if is Angie taking care of your purchase. She is very warm, friendly and very professional and she will go out of her way for you to get the corvette or any other car if you are serious about buying a good quality car from D&M Motorsports. Personally , Angie is the best, she made my purchase experience one that I will not forget.

Jose, Miami
2003 Corvette Convertible

Great experience overall. Extremely satisfied with the service and the car I purchased. Would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a high performance car.

Fred, Chicago
1965 Superformance Cobra

Angie and Michael,

It was good to have the opportunity to meet you both at Bloomington Gold this June, and at the same time, drop off my 99 Vette for trade. I received my 2000 Torch Red roadster a week later and was very pleased and impressed with it's condition - as Mike said I would be. It was an enjoyable experience from beginning to end, and for buying a car sight unseen, a guy couldn't have asked for more.

Thom, Ohio
2000 Corvette Convertible

I had been wanting a Shelby gt500 since they started coming back out. it took me many years to save the money needed to buy this car. I always wanted the grabber blue with white stripes. when I found the one D&M had for sale I new I wanted the car because it was 2010 grabber blue with red stripe ( never seen the combo before ) I always said I would never buy a car sight unseen but everything just felt right. they were great, helpful and most of all not pushy. I took a big risk in buying this car because if any issues It would take me a long time to save again. Worry no more, car arrived and is unbelievable. It was as advertised if not better. still has new car smell and it has 9,300 miles. I cant be happier that I made this decision. also of note had minor setback with missing wheel lock key and notified D&M to see if they had it. they never found it but offered to pay for replacement. being that's the only misstep I think they came through with flying colors (grabber blue of course) did a little research and did find out this color combo is low production and was also the color combo picked by no other then Mr. Carroll Shelby himself. Thanks D&M

Kristian, Florida
2010 Shelby GT500

We had been looking at several different style of Porsche's and really fell in love with the Boxster. We looked at several different places and by far D and M had the most knowledgeable and friendly service AND exactly what we were looking for in the car. We worked with Dave, Kevin and Angie and felt like old friends by the time our transaction was done. Saw the car online, called and talked about it. We drove the 3 hours up north to go see it and knew it was the one. We wanted something special, not plain ol' assembly line, and this is the place to find that! The car has an amazing aftermarket supercharger and several other special options (including soft AND hard top). The car was spotless, you can tell they are very particular about the quality of cars they handle and it shows! We strongly recommend D and M for exotic and high end car purchases. We also had fun drooling over the other fantastic cars in the showroom. We will definitely be repeat customers! Thanks guys!

Shawn, Illinois
1999 Porsche Boxster


Bob & Barb, Illinois
2004 Corvette

We had a great experience with D&M Motorsports buying a corvette, we took Amtrak into Chicago and were picked up by Dave and Angie and they made us feel like old friends. The Corvette we bought was all and more that was shown to us on the their internet site. Everything they did for us was first class and I have all the confidence in the world sending some one to them to buy a car as we did over the internet . Thanks again.

Mike & Carol, Michigan
2002 Corvette Convertible

I purchased a used vehicle sight unseen from D&M and had it shipped to my door. Part of the reason I bought sight unseen is because of of the reviews I read on this site. I have to say, the entire experience was exceptional. They were very prompt and accurate at answering my inquires. Even though there were many pictures of the vehicle already provided, additional photos were taken of the vehicle and e-mailed to me. When the vehicle arrived at my door, it was EXACTLY as described. I would do business with them again....A+ !!! Thank you!

Brian, North Carolina
1996 Viper GTS

D AND M Motorsports is the way to go when looking for a superb sports car. Between Mike, Kevin and Angie they are upfront and honest in their approach, very reputable and experienced in their field. I have purchased 3 corvettes from them in the last eight years all of them have been great. When looking for that dream car one place to go the the number one dealership in illinois. You will be satisfied and have peace of mind with your purchase.

John F. Conenna President Venus Travel Inc
2006 Corvette Convertible

Hello Angie,

I am still "wheeling" from the fortunate fate of my wife and I visiting our son's family in West Chicago over Christmas 2012 and finding out that D&M Motorsports was only 6 miles away. I had printed out the listing of the 2004 Corvette Coupe - Magnetic Red Metallic II you had in your great facility. I was not going to buy a Vette until Spring of 2013. But there it was in all it's "splendor".

I appreciated David Bryja's help in our purchase. He offered to put "my Vette" up on the rack so I could inspect the undercarriage. I did see that the rear end had the well known "leaky butt" problem, which I have since fixed. David learned about how low the Vette was when building "special" 2by4s to get it onto your garage rack. He was a tough negotiator!! I gave him an offer ( which included a Vette hat out of the showcase ) and he just smiled and said "OK". He smiled through our whole experience at your great company, mostly because I was so giddy about "my Vette". It was a tough sale !! NOT !!

I also greatly appreciate your help in filling out the 6 inches of paperwork! It was a smooth process, especially since we went next door for lunch! My plates came in the mail February 16 from ATC. I did get a free 30 day Colorado temp tag on Jan 25, so all was good.

Another "fate" was the fact that I drove the Vette home to Colorado Springs ( 1050 miles in two days ) and did not get one snowflake on it. I left my son's house with Gayle following me in her 02 Pontiac GranPrix GTP. I was careful as buying a car one day and driving it a 1000 miles home was a little anxiety rush. I stayed 2 miles behind trucks! I felt like I had a bulls eye on me from a state trooper's point of view. He must be speeding, it's red. I was getting 28 mpg heading towards Kansas City doing 65 mph. My lead-footed wife ( she got stopped 6 times driving a 79 Pontiac Firebird from Dallas to Colorado Springs years ago without one payable ticket ! ) called on her cell and asked if I could "step it up". I said when get west of KC. My mpg went down to 26 at 85 mph.

We have driven the Vette around the Springs as the weather has been wonderful. Right now its in the garage under cover while a blizzard is going on outside. I love Colorado. Still have to experience the removal of the top - probably not till spring.

Thank You again, you and your staff made buying a car a good experience.

Dale and Gayle, Colorado
2004 Corvette Coupe

My experience was awesome I looked for this car for 8 months and they had the right one. They did everything I asked to the car and even gave me a car cover. This was the best car sale experience I've ever experienced. Had family buy from them and had the same great experience I did. Thanks to Angie and all I will be a return customer. Thanks guys for the best car I've waited for for 42 years.

George, Illinois
2008 Corvette Convertible

I recently purchased a 2003 Harley Davidson from this dealership. The entire experience was Perfect, not only was the bike in mint condition and extremely well maintained, but Mike addressed my only concern by including a brand new battery. This is a top dealership and very straight forward sales and management team. Thanks Angie, Mike, Dave and Kevin for a awesome deal! I strongly recommend D & M Motorsports.

Gery, Illinois
2003 Harley Davidson

I was looking for a 2003 50TH Anniversary Corvette. Angie was kind enough to show me a bunch of cars including the Convertible, 6 speed, with only 8,175 miles. D&M had the "Best" car at the Bloomington Show. A friend of mine, also a judge at the show also advised me to take a close look at the beauty. After careful inspection and a little sole searching, the decision was made to purchase the "Best of Show". D&M made the sale easy, clean and memorible. The little plastic toy has been everything expected. I have had several "Vetts" in the past included a 40th Anniversary. That my friends is the reason why this car was purchased. There is a strong possibilty a few more toys may be on the horizon in the future.

Lynn Collins, Illinois
2003 Anniversay Corvette

Amazing selection of cars, from Lamborghini to Maybach. Dave helped me select an awesome very lo mileage 911 and made the process of buying from out of state extremely simple. I can't compliment this operation enough. I will surely be a return customer.

Tim, North Carolina
2002 Porsche 911 Cabriolet

The 2011 Grand Sport Corvette Story

I owned a 1989 medium blue corvette convertible and must have had too much time on my hands as I started surfing the net and was looking on EBay at various cars, then went and looked at dealers sites. One of the sites I was visited was D & M Motorsports looking at a 1996 Grand Sport. It was then that I saw this awesome looking 2011 Inferno Orange Grand Sport Corvette. Over the next week I tended to visit the site looking and thinking, no I cant afford it and Im happy with the car I have.

One morning New Zealand time (July 24th 2012) I decided to phone D & M and spoke to Angie asking a few questions about the car and then I thought that would be it, however 2 days later I phoned back, spoke to Angie and asked if the vehicle was still available, she said yes so I said I wished to purchase it and asked for the bank account details to be emailed to me and I would arrange a bank to bank money transfer to pay for it. The money was transferred through on 30th July. That was the start of many more emails swapped and a few more telephone calls.

I arranged for shipping from California to New Zealand and then the transport from Glen Ellyn IL to Sun Valley CA by DAS Auto Shippers where my new Zealand contact (John) has a shed to accept and load shipping containers etc. I also applied for a permit to keep it LH drive here in New Zealand which was granted by 23rd August.

At the end of August John went over to California and one of the first containers he loaded had my Grand Sport in it and it was shipped to New Zealand. After just over 3 months (6th November) I now have in my possession my car and as Angie said it looks a lot better than
the photos indicated. The next step is for me to get it inspected and registered here in New Zealand.

Wednesday 14th November I left Arrowtown before 6 am and travelled to Invercargill where I had an appointment with Vehicle Testing NZ (VTNZ) to inspect the vehicle, give it a Warrant of fitness and licence it for NZ roads. This was all completed by lunchtime and I now had a legal roadworthy car to drive. It had been a bit of a worry driving it around before that.

Angie from D & M has been great to deal with and I would definitely recommend D & M and Angie as the dealer to talk to and would have no hesitation to go back to them if I was ever looking for another vehicle. By keeping an eye on their web site it is obvious they only deal in top quality cars etc. and I have proof of that.

I have also recommended to others looking for cars from the USA to keep an eye on the D & M site to see what they have and if there is nothing there that suits them then make contact to see if a suitable vehicle can be sourced.

Now that the car is licensed and I have it insured there is going to be many happy and enjoyable miles covered.

Pete Simmons
South Island
New Zealand

You guys did a great job. I appreciated the straightforward, knowledgeable and honest communication, great followup and follow through. A beautiful car in excellent condition. Thanks.

James, Michigan
2008 Lexus LS600h

I made an appt to see a 50th anniv Vette & drove 2 1/2 hrs, my wife & I were promptly met by Angie, who couldn't help us enough. After looking at the car we negotiated an agreeable price along with a few minor issues that we agreed D&M would address. Angie contacted me a couple of times the next day to give me updates, the minor issues were promptly resolved & we showed up the next day to take delivery of our new Baby..Angie was a super person to deal with & I would recommend D & M to anyone, A very pleasurable experience!!

Paul & Kathy, Indiana
2003 Corvette

I had a completely great experience.

From the time Dave met me at the Chicago O'Hare airport until the time I drove away in my almost new (2005 corvette), I couldn't have asked for more. The car was exactly as advertised and what I expected. It was like a new car! This is a family owned and operated business and I felt like I was treated like family.

It is great people like this who make successful businesses, not the U. S. Government.

I wish D & M Motorsports the greatest success in their business and many happy successful years.

2005 Corvette Coupe

By far the best dealership I have ever worked with! Angie & Mike were wonderful! I got a brand new T-Rex RR they hand delivered the bike/car and walked me through each step. Pricing was perfect lowest in the USA.

Khizar, Wisconsin
2012 T-Rex RR

Outstanding dealer with which to do business. They were honest when I tried to negotiate a lower price and after I purchased offered to help me with an unexpected and unpredictable repair. The 2003 corvette I bought was in mint condition and I'm very happy! Angie continues to offer sound advice and I know I'd do business with D&M again.

Dan, Indiana
2003 Anniversary Corvette Coupe

I purchased a 2005 Corvette from D&M a few months ago. The entire buying experience was top notch. Angie was excellent to work with and was able to answer all my questions. Financing was quick and painless. I never felt like I was "buying a car". No hassles, no pushiness, no problems. After purchasing, David took the time to go over every little feature of the car. Thanks to everyone at D&M!!

Dave, Illinois
2005 Corvette Convertible

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to drop you a note and thank you again for the beautiful SL you sold me. I love the car and it is even better than I imagined it would be. It is the full package, luxury, power, beauty and does everything effortlessly. I could not be happier, thanx again, I just wanted to let you all know I am very happy. Your whole crew was great.

Michael, Michigan
2009 Mercedes SL550

Hi Angie,

The 2007 Porsche Boxster arrived safely to the Normandin residence at approximately 5:00 PM on Thursday evening, May 10, 2012 as promised. This masculine, meticulously detailed shiny convertible rolled off the enclosed trailer ready to roll, it even sported a nice Birthday card in the glove compartment. What a nice little gesture, THANK YOU :) !

My experience thus far with D&M Motorsports has been superior, beginning with the initial visit through the delivery to my home yesterday, nearly 5 weeks from the day I test drove the Porsche Boxster. Your courteous and friendly business approach sold me from the minute I arrived on your lot and entered your immaculate showroom floor. And honestly Angie, you have made this an exceptional experience by your attentive interaction. Please accept my sincere gratitude for keeping everything rolling along smoothly, even in the midst of a delay or two on my part. Thank you!

Jim, Iowa
2007 Porsche Boxster


Quick up date. My c5 sold. Loving the c6. Only problem, have to fight the wife to get it away from her. Thanks again so much. We could not be happier.

Ron, California
2008 Corvette Convertible

Why buy a car from D&M? We'll tell you why!

We have a large collection of 60's and 70's Muscle Cars that includes 3 Dodge Challengers. When the 2010 Challenger models were offered in Plum Crazy Purple we contemplated buying one. Life got busy and we missed the opportunity to find the "right" one. In April 2012 we decided to see if there was a low-mileage PCP Challenger available. We were picky and wanted a 6-speed with as many options as possible but absolutely no Moon Roof!

They only made 1,398 PCP Challengers in 2010 and 173 6-speed manuals...so when we found one we were pleased it was so close to home. Michael Colando and his entire D&M staff sold us a slightly used (6,600 mile) 2010 Dodge Challenger, in Plum Crazy Purple Metallic, with the majority of the options we had been looking for, at a competitive price.

As an added bonus Michael gave us a reasonable amount for our old reliable daily driver (with 123,000 miles but in good mechanical and cosmetic condition) in trade. Given D&M is a high-end dealer we figured they would have no interest in an "old goat" trade-in. But Michael clearly has many connections in the car world that go outside the collector car and exotic car markets and he found a buyer for the trade immediately. Looks to us like everyone came out a winner!

We could't be happier with our purchase and the buying experience at D&M.

Mike M., Illinois
2010 Dodge Challenger

I had a great a experience with this dealership. They were very informative and made me feel very comfortable with my first purchase, sight unseen with a two-way shipment across the several states (included a trade).

Shai, Pennsylvania
2011 Campagna T-Rex

We live in Naples Flit was a little unsettling purchasing a car off the internet but D&M Motorsports were professional from the first call all the way to the delivery of our car.

They helped us through the entire process and went above and beyond with all the paperwork. The car was shipped and we had possession in a few short days. Best of all the car was exactly how they described it perfect condition.

They gave us a fair value for our 2004 Corvette and we are in love with our 2008 Corvette. We highly recommend D&M Motorsports

-Joan Bilson, Florida
2008 Corvette Convertible

In December 2011 I purchase a 2004 Boxster from D&M Motorsports. I had been looking for a low mileage used Boxster for a couple of years and this one seemed too good to be true. The price was less than what was being asked from private sellers but I did not have time to travel to Chicago to take a test drive. Regardless, I decided to buy the car. They assured me the car was everything as represented on their web site. D&M delivered the car to Suwanee Georgia as part of the original purchase price and I was amazed - it really was better than represented on their web site. They walked me through the remote buying process and responded on a timely basis to all of my requests. I recommend D&M Motorsports to one and all for their professionalism and customer service (and by the way - the Boxster is a blast).

Fred Dahl
Suwanee, GA
2004 Porsche Boxster

Best dealer I have been to so far .... Easy to work with and not BS.... Will buy my next toy from them :) The owner and sales folks were great!!

Vishal, Illinois
2007 Mercedes-Benz S550

Angie, was GREAT to work with, and was very helpful, and friendly. The Vette was delivered on time, and in tip-top shape. I've had questions since receiving the car, and everyone's been very forth coming.

Gene, New Jersey
1996 Corvette

I'm not one to read or respond to Internet reviews but I had to make an exception. I have purchased many cars in my days and this deal was handled with white glove service. The entire deal went flawless from the time I walked in there showroom to the moment the car was delivered to me. There was a small issue with the battery being low and they sent someone out to my house to replace the battery. All I can say is I have owned 30+ High End cars, and this was the most fun and enjoying purchase I have had. Thumbs up to everyone at D&M.

J. McBride
2011 ZR-1

Purchased a 2001 Corvette with 15,000 miles. Very pleased with the car and service received. I purchased the car in Illinois and mentioned that I had a trade-in but it was located in Florida. Michael arranged to have a dealer friend in Florida look at the car and we agreed on a trade-in value. D&M then shipped the Corvette to Florida at their expense. I paid the top end of the price range for a 2001 but was willing to do so because of the condition and the very low mileage. Angie was very helpful in handling the sale.

Kevin, Florida
2001 Corvette

I have been a long time client D&M with many purchases. The standard they set for the quality of inventory is unmatched by any dealership I have been to. The staff if professional and knowledgeable of the variety of vehicles they inventory. I have never heard I dont know from them. I would challenge anyone to test their knowledge and quality of inventory. This will be the last place you ever shop. If you want something they do not currently have in their inventory then just send them your wish list and they will find it for you. Happy shopping to you all and thank you to D&M for all that you do for us savvy shoppers.

Jason, Illinois


I have got to tell you how pleased I am with the car. The exterior is in great shape as you described and the interior is real nice as well. The wheels look almost brand new with no scratches or rash. You delivered on your description of the car, and I look forward to buying from you again in the future. You never know...I may go with a Corvette next time! Let Angie know I said thanks.

Blake, Alabama
2002 Porsche

Hello Guys,

I just want to thank you all for the outstanding customer service you provided in the purchase of my ZO6. To be honest, I was in a bit disoriented from all the travel from Afghanistan. It didn't really hit me that I was driving a Corvette ZO6 until the next morning when the wife and I were checking out of the hotel down the street...lol. The drive to St Louis was awesome. I love the car but it gets entirely too much attention. It took awhile getting in and out of gas station because folks were taking pics and asking questions. Guess that's something I have to get use to...NO PROBLEM!

Anyway, I'm back in Afghanistan and wanted to drop you guys a line just to say thanks to the staff at D&M Motorsports.

Ken Leverette
2008 ZO6, Proud Owner

Dear Angie,

I just want to say thank you again for the great service from you, your brother Michael and Kevin. This is the second time in 5 years that I have purchased a Corvette from your dealership and its been great from start to finish when dealing with all of you. You guys are second to none and very helpful in every aspect of the business at hand. In closing, I will always recommend your place to everyone I know. Thank you again.

John F. Conenna, Chicago
2001 Chevrolet Corvette

I would just like to say what a great job that all of you did in helping me with the purchase of my 1995 six speed Competition Yellow Corvette Convertible, I was very nervous about making such a large internet purchase. Bob and Mike were very courteous and patient with all my questions and concerns. They described the vehicle with the utmost integrity. I could not ask for better service from these guys. To top it off, my delivery driver Tom brought the vehicle and treated it with kid gloves. He was very kind and pleasant and carefully brought the car right to my front door in the time frame he had told me. My family and I really enjoyed talking and exchanging stories with him. I wanted to write this to let you know how much I love the car and tell all you guys what great service you gave me.

Jim, Pennsylvania
1995 Chevrolet Corvette

Thanks for all your help ... I am like a little kid now... We are going to try to plan some short get aways so that I can enjoy driving the new car. Thank you to all at D&M you are all so great and easy to deal with. We were quite surprised to be handed the keys and told to take the car for a drive, with out the third degree... What a pleasant experience at D& M...

Mike & Nancy, Illinois
2004 Chevrolet Corvette

Good Afternoon Michael, Kevin & Ron

It was great meeting you guys, and I really am impressed with your work. Certainly, I'll be spreading the word about Michael's shop around D.C., Miami & London. Discovery has quite a few car nuts like us...

Thank you for the great car. She drove like a dream; attracted crowds at every rest stop...and caravanned with the motor cycle groups along most of the drive home. Please extend my gratitude to Alex!

Jeremy, Virginia
1992 Panoz Roadster